How much does this cost?

Empty Purse

As a tutor the answer is simple. Nothing. That does not mean there is no cost. Obviously we all have mortgages so we have to earn a living just like you. So here is how it works for you:

You set your tutoring rate on your bio page. Keep in mind that with this site you are able to tutor more than one student at a time if you wish, up to five students in fact. So set your price accordingly. After you post your rate, our system adds our mark up to it which is currently $5.00. This site is still in it's early stages so we currently believe this will be sufficient to pay the bills and provide a reasonable profit. If not, we will have to raise that rate. From that $5.00 we pay the Credit Card fees as well as all the hardware, software, and personnel costs. We may have to pass the Credit Card fees along as well, but as we said we will see how this goes.

Again, you set your tutoring rate. It will be displayed when people see the list of teachers who teach what you do. To get an idea of how much you should charge, you might want to display the list of teachers we already have and see what they are charging

If you find that you're the first person in a category then set your rate to what you would normally charge. You can always readjust it later on if you wish. It goes without saying that if you find people like the way you teach then you may adjust your rate upward at any time.