For Parents and Students

Studying Student and ParentWhere do you go when you need a tutor for your child?

One of the big Tutoring Companies? That’s great if you want to take out a Home Equity Loan to pay for it!

How about your child’s teacher? Well if your child is struggling in their class during school hours what makes you think they will learn any better from this person after school?

Or are you one of those parents that tears off a slip from a tutor’s poster at your local supermarket? Who knows what kind of tutor you’ll get with that!

Once you find a tutor, how much do you pay them? How do you know they’re worth it? Do you simply pay what they ask because you have no other choice?

Well now you do. We have tutors from all over who post their qualifications and prices right online. If you need a tutor simply see how much they charge, and check out their qualifications. If you don’t think they’re worth it, click on another tutor. Simple.

Does your tutor give you airline miles? Well since we accept Credit Cards you can get airline miles or other rewards from your Credit Card company whenever you purchase tutoring sessions with us!

Does your tutor offer a money back guarantee? We do. If you are unhappy with your tutoring session simply let us know within 24 hours and we will issue a full refund! No problem.

So, if you are ready to try out the Next Big Thing in tutoring services Click Here and see what’s available.