For Tutors

Teacher and StudentIf you’re like many tutors, the world only knows about you through flyers you post in a supermarket with little tear offs for your phone number.

Heaven knows what kind of kook is getting your phone number! Sheesh! Creepy!

If you do have students how often have you been asked to wait for your payment? Especially in today’s economy when money is tight.

If a parent owes you money what do you do? Stop tutoring the student and risk not getting paid at all, or continue tutoring which only runs the tab up further?

How awkward is it to haggle over getting paid when it’s done in front of the student and usually in the student’s home?

What does the student think of you if they perceive you arguing with their parent?

How about traveling to and from the student’s home? Or worse, waiting while the student is brought to your home.

How much does it cost in time and fuel? Especially at today’s prices!

Well we have a better way.

Our service handles payment for you. The student, or their parent or guardian pays BEFORE the session is taken. Since we have automated the process, there is no need to beg for your money. No parent can ask you to wait for your money. If they don’t pay, it’s between them and the Credit Card company, not you.

Now here is where it gets interesting, since our service is GLOBAL you may even be paid in different currencies!! Don’t worry; we handle currency conversion as well.

So, if you’re ready to expand your reach beyond the supermarket bulletin board and beyond “word of mouth”, Click Here to register, then take a test drive!