How do I get students to tutor?

There are two ways that we can think of to get students, maybe you can think of more.

First obviously, is to tell the students you already know that you do this.

Second, is to follow the same business model that works well for software developers. That is, give away the basic product then charge for the upgrade. Sounds crazy? It’s not! It has made many developers wealthy and has become the standard way of marketing software over the Internet. Even Google does it.

How do you do that?

Volunteer with our partner site, Homework Help Heroes.

Their site promises “Absolutely Free Help with your Homework”. Obviously they cannot do that if they have to pay you. They depend on volunteers. Since they are partners with us we have made it easy for you to volunteer. If you go to their site, you can log in with the same username and password that you use on our site.

Don’t worry, that you will be asked to help someone with something like Calculus if that is not your area of expertise. They match requests for help with the skills you have already indicated that you have. When you log in over there, you skills information is automatically copied there, so there is nothing for you to do.

By helping students out for a couple of hours per week, you will be introducing yourself to them. If you feel that they could benefit from being tutored by you, you may mention that your services are available here. You simply give them your ID code and they can find you on our site.

They don’t have to sign up here. By signing up there, they are automatically signed up here, same username/ password.

Note: Some schools or Education Departments have prohibitions against you teaching certain students. It is your responsibility to determine if you are allowed to tutor the prospective student. As a matter of company policy, we will not disclose the relationship between student and tutor unless ordered to do so by a Court of Law.