How does this work?

It’s actually quite simple.

  • You see what the tutor is doing as they do it.
  • You hear what the tutor says while they are saying it.
  • If you have a question, click the "Question" button and the tutor will respond to you.
  • If the tutor asks you to do an example, click on your screen and write on your iPad. The tutor will see what you are doing.
  • If the tutor sees something wrong they wll tell you and then make corrections on your screen.

Virtual Classroom

Once you have selected a tutor and set up an appointment you simply touch the EdExtreme icon on your iPad within 15 minutes of your scheduled start time and you will be logged into your “Classroom”.

Headphone Warning MessageOnce there, you plug in your headphones and wait for your tutor to log in. Once your tutor logs in, your lesson begins. You will hear whatever your tutor says and see whatever they write on “The Board”.

If your tutor asks you to do an example or write something, simply click on the small white box with your name on it at the bottom of the screen.

That will swap the tutor’s “Board” with yours. You may then write whatever you need to on your board. Your writing will be blue on a white background. If your tutor wishes to make corrections to your example they will do so in red.

Once you are finished, click on the small green board with the tutor’s name on it and the boards will return to their original positions.


Tutors BoardView of the Tutor's Screen - The Student also sees this but cannot write on it.
Students BoardView of the Student's Screen - An example written by the tutor, started by the student, corrected by the tutor, then solved by the student.