A Word about Security.

At Education Extreme we take security very seriously. We do several things to protect your security while using our service.

To begin with, no personal information is ever revealed to any one else using this site. The only information made public is what tutors reveal in their biographies.

Your personal emails are not revealed. If someone sends you a message it is written on our server and you are sent an automated email by our server, which informs you to log in and read the message. If you reply, the process works in reverse.

We also log IP numbers and time stamps so we can see who logs in and when.

If you are a tutor and are required to provide your Social Security number rest assured that we encrypt the data before storing that encrypted data on our server. We also allow you to store a “dummy” number until funds are disbursed.

Most importantly, all sessions are recorded and stored on the server. This recording is not under control of either the tutors or the students. It cannot be edited or erased by anyone except the Server Administrator. If anything inappropriate is done during a session and is reported to us we can easily view the recorded session. By correlating the IP numbers and time stamps we can provide meaningful assistance to Law Enforcement personnel should the need arise.

Lastly, SSL Technology, which is the industry standard, protects any credit card data entered by you. Authorize.net, one of the leading credit card processors in the country, handles all credit card transactions. If you would like to report any inappropriate content please contact us immediately at: (888) 399-0416

If you remember nothing from this page, remember this: DO NOT EVER MEET WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THIS SERVICE!!

There is no need to meet anyone, ever, for anything!!!

If someone requests you to meet them PLEASE REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY! We will cancel their account. If it turns out that that person was a tutor and you had money pending a session with them, we will issue a full refund if our investigation supports your charge.