What do I need?

Stylus Our service is designed around the iPad. So if you have one of these then that’s pretty much all you need.

What else?

Well...you'll need the App! It's free! iPad App
Go to the App Store and search for EdExtreme. Why not "Education Extreme"? Simple, it wouldn't fit! We had to shorten the name.


StylusYou may want to purchase a stylus, which will allow you to write more naturally than using your finger. They cost around $10.00 and are readily available at stores like Staples.

Woman with CurlersNo one cares what you look like if they cannot see you.
You also need an Internet connection. In light of the current trend among wireless Internet Providers to charge you by the amount of data you use, we have elected NOT to transmit video images of the student and tutor. We have found that this is unnecessary and wastes A LOT of your data. It also removes the issue of personal appearance when attending a session.

If you do not have an iPad you may use our service with a regular computer. You will need a drawing tablet for your computer. You can shop for one by Clicking Here.

What if I have an Android tablet like Samsung or Nook?

We're sorry we don't have an Android App yet, we are a start up company and those things cost time and money. Both of which are in short supply. There is an App you can use for our system however, go to Google Play and get the "Groupworld" App. It's not specifically designed for our system but it works. You can ignore all of the information fields requested by the App. Just sign in to the session you have scheduled from the website (Click the Log In button on your Account Page) and you will be prompted to use the App. At that point just click Connect on the App and it will log you in.

We plan to develop our own Android App as soon as things get going. 

If you wish to be notified when it becomes available, Click Here to provide your email address. We will NOT use this email address for any purpose other than notifying you of the App's availability.